About Gator Insurance Service Pinellas Park, FL

Our team at Gator Insurance Service believes in providing you with the safety and security you want in a world full of the unknown. Unlike many major insurance companies, we operate locally in Florida and treat our clients like family.

We also strive to live up to our core principles of service, trust, and integrity. Find out more about how we can serve you right now by calling our team at (727) 544-0064.

Explore Our History

PIA LogoGator Insurance Service began serving the community in 1988. We have over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, which gives us a strong background that we draw on to handle your unique needs. 

The members of our team thoroughly understand Florida’s legal codes related to insurance. Because of the diverse range of products we offer, we can answer all your questions, from the minimum amount of insurance you need before operating a vehicle to coverage options available on your renters’ or homeowners insurance policy. We can ensure your business is properly insured with liability coverage to protect your assets, in addition to reviewing workman’s comp requirements, so you are not paying for coverages you do not need.  Whatever your insurance needs are, we are here to service them because we want to take “feeling protected” off of your checklist. Our expert agents are associated with PIA. PIA is the premier association for professional independent insurance agents; PIA has provided excellence to its members for 90 years.

Our team operates right here in Pinellas Park, FL. We respect the hundred-year history of our city, currently the fourth largest in Pinellas County, and are proud to be of service to the community and our neighbors. 

Focus on Our Core Principles

We operate our business with a focus on service, trust, and integrity. Members of our team always work to provide you with the best service possible.


We work with over 100 insurance carriers, which allows us to offer you a wide range of insurance services. Members of our team serve you by ensuring you get the best rates possible for coverage needed on your :

Because we are an independent agency, we can work with a variety of carriers for every insurance need.  When you work with our team, we offer several options to protect what’s important to you all under one roof. 


We provide you with service you can count on. You can review your policy at any time. We keep our lines of communication open, so you can turn to us immediately if you need to access your policy.


We treat you like our neighbors while we handle your insurance policies. Our team monitors your policy and always calls before the policy comes due. We understand that – in the busy world we live in – it can be easy to forget about expenses.

We monitor your account for you and respond promptly in emergency situations. We also fulfill all policies that you take out, allowing you to get the compensation you want after an accident, natural disaster, or injury.

We Provide Comprehensive Services

At Gator Insurance Service, we believe clients come first. We strive to provide excellent customer service as we handle your comprehensive insurance policies. Our insurance policies allow you to get compensation if you sustain injuries in an accident, often providing coverage for:

  • Current and future healthcare expenses
  • Damage to a vehicle or property
  • Time off at work

Whether you own a property or rent your home, we can provide you with flood and fire insurance policies. Our team offers insurance policies to residential and commercial clients, and we customize each policy to meet your unique needs.

Contact Us for Great Rates and Service You Can Rely On 

Our partnership with multiple insurance carriers helps us offer the policies you want at a price that works for you. You can contact a member of our team at Gator Insurance Service to learn more about all your options. Take the first step to protecting your property by calling (727) 544-0064.