Florida Auto Insurance Priced the Fair Way

Are you looking for auto insurance at a fair price? Every driver deserves to have an affordable car insurance rate that helps them save money on necessary insurance coverage. However, average car insurance rates can vary from state to state, policy to policy, and person to person. 

Working with an independent insurance broker like Gator Insurance Service in Pinellas Park Florida is the best way to shop for insurance plans that provide the coverage you need at the price point you can afford. We can help you find an insurance package and rate that will work best for your car insurance needs. 

What Is a Good Price for Auto Insurance?

The average price of car insurance for Florida depends on the type of policy you have, as well as several other factors. The average cost of full-coverage insurance in Florida is just over $2,300 per year, while minimum coverage should cost you around $1,100 per year. 

What other factors play a role in determining a fair insurance rate? A lot depends on your personal history and where you live. The following are the primary influencers for auto insurance rates: 

  • City Population
  • Rate of area accidents
  • Crime rate
  • Traffic volume
  • Driver age
  • Driving record
  • Credit score
  • Vehicle type 

These factors interact and create a risk profile for your vehicle and yourself. How do these factors work together? 

Bigger cities have more residents, which impacts traffic volume and the rate of area accidents. Crime rates can indicate the risk of theft or property damage. Driver age and experience level correlate with the risk of accidents, as do other variables. All these external factors can negatively affect the cost of your car insurance. 

Drivers whose records contain DUIs or accidents will usually require higher rates, while drivers with a clean record may earn rate reductions. Credit scores play a significant factor, as well, because auto insurance companies rely on insured persons making regular payments to keep their policies in effect.

At What Age Does The Price of Auto Insurance Drop?

For new drivers of any age, insurance rates can be quite high. Insurers assess young drivers aged 16 to 18 at a higher premium per year. The auto insurance rate is more expensive because of the higher statistical risks of accidents by younger, less experienced drivers. 

If you are a safe driver, your rates may slightly decrease each year between your first year of insurance and your 25th birthday. When you reach age 25, if you’ve maintained a safe driving record, you can expect to see a significant reduction in your car insurance premium. 

However, drivers with histories that include both major and minor traffic violations will likely need to continue paying higher insurance rates. Minor traffic violations include speeding, improper lane changes, and not using turn signals, while major traffic violations include vehicular accidents, DUIs, or DWIs. 

If you want to see a nice drop in your annual insurance rate when you reach age 25, you will need to focus on being a safe driver. Avoid all types of traffic violations and pay your premiums on time.

Affordable Auto Insurance with Gator Insurance Service

If you’re searching for auto insurance with quality coverage at a fair price, our team at Gator Insurance Service can help. We will gather comparative quotes that show the best rates and coverage for your area. We are among the top independent insurance agencies in Florida. 

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