Pinellas Park Fl Auto Insurance

Accidents are some of the unforeseen challenges each motorist and car owner faces on the roads. Even the most careful drivers have found themselves in disastrous accidents that include severe losses.

Accidents can never be foretold which is why auto insurance businesses have been on the rise. The auto insurers protect clients from losses brought by accidents by guaranteeing cover for liabilities, repairs as well as medical expenses.

With the increased number of people owning cars and the limited possibilities of road expansion, accidents are bound to increase. It is for this reason that most owners seek cover from auto insurers.

Services provided

There are various services offered by an auto insurance company. These services are provided as cover packages which identify the extent to which compensation or payments will be made.

There are four major covers offered by most companies including Pinellas Park auto insurance establishments. They include the following;

  • Property cover – This type of cover pays for all the damages made to the vehicle including repairs and new installations. It also pays for new autos in case of theft.
  • Liability coverage – This coverage pays for all the damages caused to others in the accident if the client is identified as responsible for the accident. It also covers the medical expenses for bodily injuries sustained by others during the accident for which a client is held responsible.
  • Medical coverage – This cover pays all costs of treatment for bodily injuries sustained by the client including rehabilitation. It may stretch to cover wage lost during recuperation depending on the made agreement and the company’s policies. Some will also cover funeral expenses in case of death.
  • Uninsured persons cover – This plan includes cover for cases where persons without sufficient insurance injure an insured client or family member.

There are six types of covers available for auto insurance, although not all can be bought. There are different requirements for each kind of client depending on whether they are individual owners or car dealers.

The covers provided usually last for about six months or one year after which they should be renewed. The insurer will send notifications which may include phone calls, text messages or email to inform their client when it is time to renew the insurance.

What to consider

There are a few considerations to make before securing an auto insurance contract with any company. Different companies have distinct policies, cover plans and prices suited for varied needs and targeted for different customers.

It is therefore important to choose a plan that fits comfortably into your budget and meets all the needs for which it is secured. The considerations can be divided into personal and insurer. Personal considerations mainly include questions to be answered before seeking auto insurance.

One needs to assess the household income and affordability, age of the car and how much money can be paid out of the pocket. Those with more assets are likely to be charged more in compensations for accidents they claim responsibility for.

Contracting a comprehensive auto cover will therefore be a wise decision to ensure they are protected from such loses. Old car owners may want to consider collision coverage rather than comprehensive cover.

Out of the pocket money refers to a specific amount that needs to be paid before cover compensations or payments are given by the insurer. They act as the kick-starter fees needed to initiate insurance.

A higher deductible fee reduces premiums paid to the insurer, although it may not be readily available when the accident occurs.

Insurer considerations include premium fees, business credibility, customer services and reliability, timeliness and cover packages. The insurer should be operating a recognized, licensed business and must exhibit reliability to provide timely cover when needed.


Auto insurance is the most secure way to protect oneself from losses associated with accidents or theft. Vehicles are among some of the expensive investments and provide high expediency in transportation to various places.

Accidents happen randomly in unforeseen natures and may lead to heavy damages which can render the vehicle unusable. This can be very inconveniencing particularly if there is no readily available money for repair.

Auto insurance provides the needed relief by providing immediate cover to ensure your car is back to normal working conditions. It is however important to choose wisely by contracting the appropriate cover that meets all the requirements.