Insurance Services

When you work hard to acquire your assets, it is only right that you go the extra mile to ensure that they are protected just in case something happens. In life, there are things that we can’t control—accidents, calamities, and theft are some of them. However, there are things that we can control and protecting our assets is possible if we make the right choices. Insurance is the key to having a worry free day to day life. Whether you bought a new car or you want to protect your vacation home, having proper coverage will not only protect your investment but can also save you from a great deal of stress should anything unexpected happens.When it comes to insurance agencies, you can choose from many companies. Among the insurance providers in Florida is Gator Insurance Service.

Gator Insurance Service is a company that has been helping clients with their insurance needs since 1988. People can choose from different agencies but not all insurance providers are the same. Some have higher rates than others. Some companies, while they have cheaper rates, offer services that are not too satisfactory. Gator Insurance Service also known as Gator Auto Insurance has been keeping customers happy since 1988.

How Does Your Insurance Measure Up?

Comprehensive Policies

Good insurance agencies provides its clients different coverage options with different companies. When you have plenty of services to choose from, you have a good chance of finding an insurance policy that will suit your needs.

Gator Insurance Service provides comprehensive insurance services. Whether you need automobile insurance or homeowners insurance, Gator Insurance Service can help.

Good Customer Service

There is nothing worse than a company that has poor customer service and one that cannot respond to customers quickly.

In the insurance business reliable customer service is a must because most clients don’t have enough knowledge about insurance policies and coverage.

Being able to reach the company easily is a good sign. It means that you can quickly get a hold of them when you need them the most. At Gator Insurance Service we make it easy to receive service you can reach us by phone, email, chat or in person.

Clients Come First

Insurance is a big global industry. It is sad that most companies are only concerned about making profits which sometimes compromise the way they treat their clients. A reliable agency that will put your needs first before anything else is rare.

Gator Insurance Service has been in service for 25+ years and continue to growing yearly because all our customers are satisfied. In fact, most of our clients refer their friends and family because we deliver expected results. You really can’t beat personalized attention when it comes to insurance agencies.


The main reason why you pay for insurance is so you have someone to turn to in case something happens to your investments—be it your home or your car. The cost of repair nowadays can tear a big hole in your wallet if you don’t have enough coverage or worst no coverage at all.

This is the reason why you should be careful in choosing an insurance provider. Not everyone has your needs in mind. Gator Insurance Service is a reliable company that you can count on in times of need.

Knowledgeable Staff

Clients deserve well trained staff who knows everything about the products and services that their company offers.

The sad truth is that not all companies invest on training their employees so when a client asks something they cannot give an informative answer. All of our agents at Gator Insurance Service are specially trained and licensed by the state of Florida.

With Gator Insurance Service, clients will be service by knowledgeable staff. Our company knows that competent people will help them gain our clients’ trust. After all, clients deserve good service—this includes access to information when they need it.

Good Rates

Gator Insurance Service promises the best coverage at the lowest price. Customer service and our rates is the primary reason why word of mouth referral has been our number one advertisement since 1988.

At Gator Insurance Service we make it easy to get a quote. Click chat at the bottom of the page and chat live with one of our license agents =)

Gator Insurance Service is one of the most respected agencies in Florida. For more than two decades, it has been giving comprehensive coverage for various clients. Our agency offers auto, home owners, flood, business, and recreational including motorcycle coverage.

We’re an independent agency which means we can customize your policy to meet your needs. Unlike most insurance firms that charge way too much, Gator Insurance Service is known for its competitive prices and excellent customer service.

With us you can enjoy quality insurance that is within your budget. First class service is what Gator Insurance Service promises its clients.

With a rock solid reputation and more than twenty five years of experience dealing with insurance policies, you can rest assure you’re in good hands.

Finding the right insurance agency allows you to have a higher quality of life as you can focus on more important things instead of worrying about events that you have no control of. To ensure that your investments are protected, be wise about your insurance coverage.

Today it is necessary to be informed and know exactly what kind of coverage you’re getting. Gator Insurance Service has lasted this long because we know how to treat our clients and address their needs. If you believe that you deserve the best and you want to get your money’s worth, don’t look anywhere else. When it comes to insurance, Gator Insurance is the name to trust.