Auto Insurance in Pinellas Park, FL

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance provides you with protection if you get into an accident in Florida. Our team at Gator Insurance Service can help with an array of coverages customized to protect you.  Whether you are looking for comprehensive, collision, or liability insurance policies for your vehicle, we offer the protection you need.

You can take steps to get the insurance coverage you want and need by contacting us at (727) 544-0064.

We Understand Auto Insurance in Florida

Here at Gator Insurance Service, we understand all of your car insurance needs. We can answer all of your questions about auto insurance, including:

What Is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance covers your financial losses if you are in an automobile accident. This kind of insurance can help you get compensation for your:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost time at work

Why Should You Get Auto Insurance?

Florida legally requires you to carry a minimum level of car insurance before you operate a vehicle. Many drivers also want insurance for the peace of mind and security it offers.

What Benefits Do We Offer?

We provide comprehensive assistance with auto insurance for drivers in Florida. You can contact us to file a claim or ask for roadside assistance. We handle all of your needs and always put you first when you need help.

Our Auto Insurance Options

Members of our team can help you review all of your options. When you contact us, we can provide you with a car insurance quote for:

Personal Auto

You can sign up for personal auto insurance to cover your private vehicles. You can get coverage for property damage or bodily injury. The majority of drivers in Florida select a Bodily Injury Liability (BI) coverage policy.

Commercial Auto

Business owners can purchase a commercial auto insurance policy. This policy protects you if a vehicle you own gets into an accident while operated by an employee. The policy can cover damage caused by:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Weather
  • Accidents involving animals

We can discuss a commercial auto policy with you in more detail.

Transport/Dealer Tags (Commercial)

Businesses that transport vehicles on the road can get a “transporter” tag in Florida. This tag allows you to move the vehicle legally. However, the state requires you to have transporter insurance to drive these vehicles. The state of Florida requires you to have at least $100,000 in liability coverage for transporting vehicles.


Tow trucks require extra insurance in Florida, but do all tow trucks need to carry the same kind of insurance? The state of Florida requires heavier trucks to carry more insurance, with different levels for vehicles that weigh:

  • Less than 35,000 pounds
  • Less than 39,999 pounds
  • More than 40,000 pounds

Our team can provide you with additional information about in-tow coverage limits throughout the state.

Trucking Insurance

We can also help you with trucking insurance, detailing the difference between general and passenger liability policies. We can discuss your options for insuring your cargo or handling non-trucking liability. We offer several plans designed to help individual truckers or trucking companies.

You can contact us if you want business insurance or personal insurance for your vehicle. We will offer in-depth answers to all of your insurance questions, whether it is auto, life, or home insurance.

Talk to Us About Auto Insurance Today

You can arrange auto insurance for your personal or commercial vehicle by reaching out to Gator Insurance Service. Members of our team understand Florida auto insurance laws, and we focus on getting you the coverage you want. Learn more by calling us at (727) 544-0064.