Liability Insurance in Pinellas Park, FL

Liability Insurance 

Liability insurance covers damage caused by the policyholder to a third party. Liability insurance is essential to protecting you or your business in the instance that a third party reports a claim or files a lawsuit. 

At Gator Insurance Service, we provide you with cost-efficient liability insurance to protect you from the high costs of claims or lawsuits. For more information about our liability insurance offerings, contact us at (727) 544-0064.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?        

Liability insurance policies from Gator Insurance Service can be purchased by a business or an individual. Liability insurance covers third-party claims of either bodily injury or property damage. Liability insurance does not cover damages to the policyholder like a full-coverage insurance policy may.

The policy covers costs that accrue as a result of an accident caused by the individual or business that holds the liability insurance coverage. The policy provides coverage in the event that all of the following are true: 

  •     A claim is filed with the insurance company
  •     The cause of loss is covered by the insurance policy
  •     The loss occurs during the policy period

The Benefits of Liability Insurance from Gator Insurance Service

When a claim of bodily injury or property damage comes from a third party, liability insurance will help you or your business avoid paying those damages out of pocket. 

General liability insurance coverage for a business or individual depends on your policy but will typically cover the following: 

  •     Medical expenses for a customer or client who has filed a claim of injury faulting you or your business
  •     Legal costs for defense in court on behalf of you or your business
  •     Settlements or judgment costs from a customer lawsuit 
  •     Costs of damages caused by an employee to a customer’s property

Liability Insurance Options

Business Liability Insurance

Insurance coverage is imperative for business owners. There are many kinds of insurance coverage to protect your business. Business liability insurance coverage would typically include the following: 

  •     Commercial auto insurance to protect employees on the road
  •     Professional liability insurance to cover legal costs
  •     General liability insurance to cover medical payments
  •     Commercial umbrella insurance to cover any exceeding costs

Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is coverage for personal and private vehicles. This kind of liability coverage includes property damage or bodily injury claims or lawsuits. As with all liability insurance, this kind of insurance covers costs resulting from an accident caused by the individual.

Most individual drivers in Florida choose bodily injury (BI) liability coverage. Personal liability insurance can include the following: 

  •     Bodily injury liability insurance for medical bills caused by a car accident
  •     Umbrella insurance to extend auto liability and homeowner’s insurance limits
  •     Property damage liability insurance to pay for accidental damages

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